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Girls, on Film is a quarterly fanzine that is hopelessly devoted to 80’s movies. For each issue, we select a theme and discuss a handful of 80’s movies related to that theme. We cover all kinds of themes and all kinds of movies.

You can read all of our zines online for free. Due to health concerns we are not currently shipping print issues.

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Stephanie’s one big disappointment in life is that she wasn’t old enough to fully appreciate popular clothing styles in the 80s, as she was mostly attired in paisley sweatsuits. A full-time editor and occasional freelancer, Stephanie looks nostalgically back on 80s films such as Ernest Goes to Camp, Adventures in Babysitting, and Can’t Buy Me Love and wishes she could pull off the hairdos of Cindy Mancini and her friends.

Desperately Eatnig Susan


Janene has created a buttload of zines over the years and introduced Stephanie  to the craft. Janene spent much of her teen years combing musty video stores for all the 80s movies her hometown had to offer. There were lists… She’s got plenty of favorites from the decade, but its stylish indie films like Desperately Seeking Susan, Repo Man, Blood Simple, and Terminator that she loves best.

gIRLS, on "tour"

DC Zirtual Zummer Zine Zelebration

Saturday July 18, 2020

Washington DC’s zine fest is currently postponed for later this year. But fear not! Because the party is moving online. Join us on Saturday, July 18, 2020 for the DC Zirtual Zummer Zine Zelebration. 

This is a one-day independent event designed to provide a space for zine-makers, self-published artists, and writers to share their work with each other and the Washington, D.C. community.

We invite readers to check out all issues of Girls, on Film, for free, online. Due to health concerns, we are not currently shipping print copies. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You, too, can share what you love with the #dcf2020 hashtag.

In addition to sharing loads of cool zines and other works, DC Zinefest is also hosting zine readings, workshops, and panel discussions. It’s all online. All free. And open to everyone. Visit  the DCZF website for more info.

So tune in for a most bodacious time at the Zirtual Zummer Zine Zelebration!

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