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Girls, on Film is a quarterly fanzine about 80’s movies. For each issue, we select a theme and discuss a handful of 80’s movies related to that theme. We cover all kinds of topics, and all kinds of films.

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Cindy Mancini Wears White After Labor Day



Stephanie’s one big disappointment in life is that she wasn’t old enough to fully appreciate popular clothing styles in the 80s, as she was mostly attired in paisley sweatsuits. A full-time editor and occasional freelancer, Stephanie looks nostalgically back on 80s films such as Ernest Goes to Camp, Adventures in Babysitting, and Can’t Buy Me Love and wishes she could pull off the hairdos of Cindy Mancini and her friends.

Desperately Eating Susan



Janene has created a buttload of zines over the years and introduced Stephanie¬† to the craft. Janene spent much of her teen years combing musty local video stores for all the 80s movies her hometown had to offer. There were lists… She’s got plenty of favorites from the decade, but its stylish indie films like Desperately Seeking Susan, Repo Man, and Terminator that she loves best.

Wendy O's Gonna Need You to Repeat That



Rhonda, a teacher and freelance writer, raised adolescent hell in the 80’s and the horror films of that era were her BFFs! She loves all of 80’s pop culture, but nothing spoke to her quite like Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama, Nightmare Sisters, and Reform School Girls. She had her own pink laminated Video Time Video rental card at 9 years old and she never looked back. Or forward, really; she still loves her VHS and sweet, sweet VCR. And let it be known, the scrunchie never died for Rhonda: she STILL wears one proudly!

gIRLS, on "tour"

Girls, on Film is hitting the (virtual) road. Come check out these events!

Festival of the Photocopier

Launches Feb 20, 2021 (ongoing thru 2021)

We will be participating in this year’s Festival of the Photocopier, the Southern Hemisphere’s largest annual zine fair. Hosted by the Sticky Institute zine shop in Victoria, Australia, this virtual event will launch February 20, 2021, and materials are expected to be available online for at least one year. In addition to virtual exhibitors, SI will also be having its first (contact-free) community zine swap open to folks in Australia. Participation in this event is free.

Festival of the Photocopier 2021 Logo

Glasgow Zine Fest

Full month of April 2021

We’re excited for this year’s Glasgow Zine Fest, which will be held during the entire month of April. In addition to the zine fair, the Glasgow Zine Library will also be hosting talks, workshops, and socials remotely, with a few safe in-person activities for the locals. All of the programming you have come to expect/love from GZF will be available remotely, including the zine fair! Information will be posted to the Glasgow Zine Library website.

GZF Promo Image 2021

Tally Zine Fest

Dates TBA

We’re (virtually) heading to the Sunshine State for this year’s Tally (Tallahassee) Zine Fest. While normally hosted at the beloved Bark, this year’s event will be held online. The program includes a zine exchange, livestream events, and a zine fair. Participation is free, although TZF is accepting donations. Check out the TZF website or follow them on social media for more details.

Tally Zine Fest Promo Image

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